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About Koinonia Business Women

Koinonia Business Women (KBWomen) is an organization dedicated to supporting, connecting and encouraging Christian professional and business women. Everything we do and offer involves this 3-pronged focus:

  • Encouraging and strengthening faith

  • Networking, creating community and contribution
  • Building business skills

Our Organization's Values:

  • God's Word (the Bible) - it is alive, it is relevant, it is our foundation.
  • Empowering business women to greater success and significance by building their plans on God's Word.
  • Expressing our depth and richness in joint participation.
  • Being salt and light in the world of business.
  • Servant leadership in business.
  • God-inspired creativity and collaboration.

Our Vision:

For every Christian woman-owned business to succeed and flourish

  • To encourage and equip Godly women with tools, skills, wisdom and ideas, and to offer opportunities for collaboration so that they can be successful business owners.

  • To see Christian-owned businesses be the most successful, well respected and have greatest impact in the world for good.

  • For each business woman to discover, understand and use her God-given gifts and purpose to further God’s Kingdom on the Earth and have good success.

Products & Services Offered For Business Women of Faith:

  • Organization membership with special benefits
  • KBWomen Mastermind Group meetings for networking & skill building
  • Free *BLING* newsletter, twice a month
  • Social media connections, including our BLOG
  • Virtual Mastermind Groups

What KBWomen Endeavors to Do For Christian Business Women:

  • Provide opportunities for connection, collaboration and growth where women can contribute to, receive from and partner with other like-minded believers.
  • Encourage and support Christian women business through God's Word.
  • Build up business women's skills, confidence, efficiency, and knowledge by providing valuable business skill building information.
  • Shift perspectives in thinking so that women stop under-living and start performing to their God-given personal greatness.

A message from Krista Dunk, KBWomen Co-Founder

In early 2008, my friend Tammy and I decided to create something unique for business women of faith. As Christians & business owners ourselves, we felt disappointed by business the available networking & learning opportunities. Something was always missing for us - Faith! This is how the Koinonia Business Women's organization was born.

With God directing its steps, KBWomen has evolved into something that will further His purposes on the earth, by connecting, encouraging & equipping His business women.

Please consider becoming a member, receiving our newsletter, visiting a KBWomen Chapter meeting, and/or taking advantage of our other services. They are all here for you.

We look forward to meeting you! Blessings, Krista Dunk

Contact Us:

Koinonia Business Women is a non-denominational organization

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