About KBWomen

Koinonia Business Women (KBWomen) is an organization dedicated to supporting, connecting and encouraging Christian women business owners and entrepreneurs. Everything we do involves this 3-pronged focus:

  • Encouraging and strengthening faith
  • Creating community, collaboration, networking and contribution opportunities
  • Building business skills


Our Values:

  • God's Word (the Bible) is alive, is relevant and it is our foundation.
  • Empowering business women to greater success and significance by building their plans upon God's Word.
  • Expressing our depth and richness in joint participation.
  • Being salt and light in the world of business.
  • Servant leadership in business.
  • God-inspired creativity, strategies and collaboration.


Our Vision:

For every Christian woman-owned business to succeed and flourish, as Christ directs their steps.

  • To encourage and equip Godly women with tools, skills, wisdom and ideas.
  • To offer opportunities for collaboration and interaction.
  • To see Christian-owned businesses be the most successful, well respected and have the greatest impact in the world for good.
  • For each business woman to discover, understand and use her God-given gifts and calling to further God's Kingdom and see good success.


Services Offered for Business Women of Faith:

  • Membership options through KBWA (the Koinonia Business Women's Assn)
  • Local Mastermind Group meetings
  • Monthly virtual Mastermind calls
  • Monthly tele-classes for skill building and learning
  • Free *BLING* e-Newsletter twice a month
  • Social media connections, including our Radio Show, Facebook, Blog, Twitter
  • Conferences


What KBWomen Endeavors to Do for Christian Business Women:

  • Offer online and in-person opportunities to connect, collaborate and grow with other like-minded business women.
  • Provide a platform where women can both contribute and receive wisdom.
  • Encourage and support Christian women business owners through God's Word.
  • Build up business women's skills, confidence, network, efficiency, and knowledge by providing valuable learning opportunities.
  • Shift perspectives in thinking so that women stop under-living and start performing to their God-given greatness and potential.


Our Co-Founder: Krista Dunk  

Christian woman in business, Krista Dunk, co-founded Koinonia Business Women in early 2008 with her friend, Tammy Redmon. Krista continues to lead KBWomen in the vision God gave for the organization and has a deep passion to see women of God be successful and grow. Krista is also an author, speaker, radio show host, mother of two, wife of 18+ years, worship team member at her local church in Olympia, WA.

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    Jewell Moore
    Leader of Sparkling Saints Women's Ministry

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