3 Tips for Seizing the Day!

Everyday a Fresh Start...3 Tips for Seizing the Day

by Camille Patterson, www.CamillePatterson.com

I recently started a new habit: getting up before the sun. I originally thought something like this would never happen, as I was a habitual night owl, but I felt challenged in a new season to start a new way of being.

As I awaken at a time when it seems like no one else has yet, I've had some interesting thought shifts. If you're a morning person already, try to see it from a night person’s perspective.

Awakening before the sun used to seem like the craziest of ideas. Why would you ever want to do that? Now I see the beauty in the stillness, peace and serenity of seeing the world before it awakens.

Every morning I sit and reflect on a new day. As the sun beings to rise, I realize over and over it represents a fresh start for every person, every day. Even creation understands we all need to start over.

As the light's beauty begins to awaken the darkness, it is almost as if the darkness welcomes the day.

So can WE welcome the light of a NEW day, too.

It doesn’t have to matter what you did or did not do yesterday, last week, or in your life. It matters that you seize TODAY. Take some time to recognize, just as the darkness experiences the light, that you, too can have a fresh start EVERY day.


3 Simple Steps to Seize the Day: 

1. See the light. Unless you allow yourself to experience light coming into your darkest places, nothing will change. There are still those people that like rooms with no windows so they do have to track time and space. Allow the sun to rise on YOUR today and experience a fresh start.

2. Separate the past from today. Allow yourself to leave the dark moments/days/years behind. In one moment or sun rise, you can choose to leave them behind. Give yourself that freedom. It’s a great gift.

3. Seize the moment. Experience the beauty of the sun rise, all its color, glory and the life that it brings. Each day, use it a reminder that you don’t have to live in the past but you GET to SEIZE the MOMENT. What is the one thing that is going to help you get where you want to go? You can do that today!

I believe every day is a fresh start whether in business, life, family or anything we do! Choose that simple fresh start today, for you and for the world that needs you!

Live life to the fullest!


Camille Paterson

KBWomen.com Site Updates!

Greetings to you!

Coming soon...Get ready for KBWomen.com to have a facelift. Since Koinonia Business Women is no longer doing memberships, our membership section will be removed and the overall site will be updated. The updated site will better reflect the organizations current focus.

Do you have information, wisdom, tips, and advice to share in your field of expertise? If so, we'd like to hear from you. The blog at KBWomen.com will become a place for you to periodically share your wisdom for other faith-based businesswomen to read. Contact Krista today at krista@kbwomen.com if you would like to contribute.

Thank you to all of you who have seen and supported Koinonia Business Women's many transformations and updates. God bless you!


Kingdom Work

bling-newHave you ever heard this phrase? "God bless the work of your hands." If you have listened to KBWomen Radio in the past (a show I host on www.blogtalkradio.com/kbwomen Mondays at 9am Pacific), you have probably heard me say it. Recently, I was thinking more about that concept, and God showed me something that is applicable to us as businesswomen.

I believe that God has created us for a good work, in Christ, as explained in Ephesians 2:10. Some of us have work within ministries, churches and non-profits where we see an obvious connection between our work and God's Kingdom. Many of us operate businesses that are not an obvious connection, but as we dig deeper, we'll realize we're helping others manage some kind of blessing from God (money, home, health, children, message, their businesses, developing their gifts, etc.).

For example, I am co-owner of Creative Force Press, a publishing company that helps people write and publish books. We are not a ministry, although my perspective is that we use our skills and knowledge to help people steward and release the messages, wisdom and stories God has given them. If you think on it for a moment, you could also make the connection between your work and God's purposes.

Either way, secular or ministry, we can simultaneously do good work in the natural (fair, good quality, with integrity, responsible, etc.) and do good work for the Kingdom of God (encourage, show love, be Christ-like, generosity, pray, etc.). You know this already; but here's something you may not have thought about:

The results of the work of our natural hands is consumed, but our Spirit/Kingdom work is never consumed. In fact, it increases, and that is exciting!

Think about what our natural work requires and its' results: sweat, time, equipment, effort, etc., that produces money, fame, a physical product, etc. Each of these is expended or spent, and are temporary, existing only for the here and now. In a sense, and literally in some cases, our results get eaten; consumed. For example, we get our pay, then turn around and spend it on physical needs (mortgage, food, clothing, entertainment, repairs). The effort and time we put forth to do the work is gone.

Now think about what we do as it relates to the Kingdom of God. When we sow our natural abilities and resources into Kingdom work, it expands. Anything we sow into, we are causing it to increase. Things we do for the Kingdom cause an increase, and that is what Jesus expects of His stewards (as seen in the parable of the talents - Matthew 25).

  • When we pray for someone (even in a work situation), we request God's hand to be at work in their life. This is a form of Kingdom increase.
  • When we partner with events, organizations, campaigns and efforts of other groups who support Kingdom work - even with lending our skills, time and/or knowledge to them - the Kingdom is increased.
  • When we counsel someone to push past fear because we perceive God has a mission for them, we do Kingdom work.
  • When we work on projects for clients (such as authors, pastors, counselors, non-profits, artists, investors, etc.) who God is using, we're working to increase the Kingdom.
  • When we invite someone to come to church or to understand who Jesus is, we advance the Kingdom's purposes.
  • When we give money to ministry organizations, we are increasing the Kingdom.


These are just a few ways our work seeds the Kingdom. I want you to understand that everything you do to advance the Kingdom will cause an increase: spiritually for sure, and potentially manifesting in the natural as well!

I hope you find that concept interesting! May God bless the (Kingdom and natural) work of your hands!

by Krista Dunk, info@kristadunk.com

Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional


Many people can identify with the term "recovering dysfunctional," whether that conjures memories of growing up in a dysfunctional household, experiencing a difficult life because of bad choices in the past, or identifies someone who is working through issues and personal struggles. Isn't that most of us?!

My friend, Diana Lynn, recently wrote a book called Pieces of Me: Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional. In it, she shares many personal stories, lessons learned and inspirational messages for people who feel stuck in life. Someone could pick this book up and see how many stuck places Diana got out of, inspiring them with a new vision that it can be done; a blessed, full life is attainable no matter where you've been.

Rather than starting out her adult life with a bang, Diana instead started out with a "bust": at 18, she was a high school dropout, pregnant, in an abusive relationship, and poor. In contrast, today she is a business owner, happily married, the mother of three sons, an author, and she's financially and emotionally secure.

Besides the fact that Pieces of Me gives people hope for tomorrow and strength for today, the other thing I appreciate most about this book is Diana's writing style - she is a fantastic writer! Her book is in short story style, with each "chapter" being 2-4 pages long. You can preview it at Amazon, and you won't be disappointed. It's a great read, and I highly recommend it!

You can also visit Diana's website directly at www.RecoveringDysfunctional.com. Diana is looking for ways to encourage and empower others through speaking opportunities as well. She can be reached at Diana@recoveringdysfunctional.com.


The Power Pair

by Krista Dunk

pearFunny...but last night as I sat with my bowl of ice cream, I was thinking of writing about self-control! Self-control is the last virtue mentioned in Galatians 5 for the fruit of the Spirit. My pastor has been teaching, fruit by fruit, and this past weekend it was self-control's turn. It's not the most popular topic to get people jumping and shouting, mind you, but self-control is a missing piece for many. A lack of it undermines goals and dreams and keeps many people from leading effective lives.

It got me thinking: Self-control and diligence are two sides of the same coin. They are a power pair.

Think about this - A person could have a good handle on controlling their impulses, on self-control, but could still be quite ineffective in life and their work. It's true that we need to not do lots of things and not partake in certain activities, but it still doesn't mean we're doing the right things.

Self-control says, "Don't do this, or don't do that, because it's unwise." Diligence says, "Do this...do that...because it is profitable, and do it with careful consideration and steady effort."

The concepts of diligence and self-control are at the heart of biblical teachings; demonstrating how God wants us to live our lives and conduct ourselves. And indicating what He can put His blessings upon. Can we really be all God has designed us to be without them in daily action?

- No author has ever completed a book without diligence and discipline.
- No household has ever mastered their budget and financial future without self-control.
- No ministry or business has ever seen massive impact without the power pair in action.

Like the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 3, I don't claim to have attained perfection when it comes to self-control and diligence, but I do feel that God has revealed their importance to me as a growth area. I will be on a mission to evaluate my own gaps as God reveals them to me. Here are two thoughtful questions we can ask ourselves:

1. Do I need to work more on my diligence or on my self-control?
2. Based on Proverbs 25:28, what cracks do I have in my walls, leaving me open to attack, because of a lack of self-control?

Let's set this power pair to work in our lives, ministries, businesses, and relationships and see what God does!

Book Review – PAGES (Inspirational Poetry)

Book Review by LouAnn Miller - social media VA and former bookstore owner - reviewing Pages: Expressions of God's Heart From the Pages of His WORD by author Lois Williams.

I am so excited about this great new book "Pages" by Lois Williams! I followed along closely during its creation and was in awe of what it took to bring this book to completion.
“Pages” is unique...a bit different than Lois’ two other books (“Psalms From the Pathway” and “Heart Chords”). “Pages” is set up in a style that moves the reader through the Bible as a devotional; first through the Old Testament, then the New.

As I read “Pages” I found nuggets of Biblical truth that I had not learned before. I was drawn to God’s love, mercy and grace on every page.

“Pages” is a book that you would read again and again! It’s definitely not a once-and-done book. Leave it on your bedside to reach for when you wake up or when you go to sleep at night. “Pages” makes you think. You will identify with the author. It leads you straight to the Word of God for answers. I highly recommend this book for yourself and your loved ones. It would make a perfect gift as well.

Learn more about Pages at the author's website: www.LoveLettersFromLois.com, or at the publisher's website: www.CreativeForcePress.com/titles.


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