General FAQ

How is “Koinonia” Pronounced?

What does the word “Koinonia” mean?
“To be in fellowship with God and with like-minded believers. To express our depth and richness in joint participation."

I am not a business owner. Can I still be involved with Koinonia Business Women?
Yes! Koinonia Business Women (KBWomen) is for Christian women in business, whether a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, an executive or manager, author, speaker, independent agent or contractor, ministry leader, etc.  You will fit right in!

What is Koinonia Business Women’s vision?
We endeavor to be the premier source for businesswomen in Godly encouragement, skill building, learning and connecting opportunities and inspiration. Through fellowship and teaching, we are lifting up today’s faith-filled women leaders to realize their God-given potential and anointed calling. Read more at our "About" page.

Can I be involved even if I’m not sure I’m an official Christian?
Certainly – Just be aware that we are a faith-based organization and we freely speak about God, the Bible, prayer, and other spiritual topics and how they relate to business.

Is Koinonia Business Women affiliated with any particular church or denomination?
No. We are a non-denominational group. All Godly businesswomen are welcome.

Does Koinonia Business Women have a Mastermind Group in my local area?
For a current listing of Mastermind Group locations, please visit for more information.

We are currently looking for facilitators/leaders with integrity who “catch” our vision to start Mastermind Groups in other areas. Visit our Mastermind Group Leaders FAQ page for details.

How can I get involved with Koinonia Business Women if I don’t live near a KBWomen Mastermind Group yet?
Good question. For now you can:

  • Become a Member of our Membership association called the Koinonia Business Women's Association - KBWA. Learn more HERE.

  • Sign up to receive our newsletter called *BLING* twice a month for encouragement, event notifications, inspiration, and interesting information geared towards Christian businesswomen. Sign up at  It's free!

  • Listen to our KBWomen Radio show at  every Monday (or listen to previously recorded shows anytime).

  • Follow our blog at or follow us on Twitter
  • Visit & join our online prayer community called "The Wall of Prayer" at

  • Advertise or sponsor an event, radio show, ezine, or website page. Sponsorship info

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