Membership Benefits

Koinonia Business Women's Association (KBWA)
Membership Benefits


See Yourself Here! Koinonia Business Women (KBWomen) has become a membership-based organization for business women of faith.

KBWA is a place for you - a place to:

  • Learn savvy business skills with a foundation of faith.
  • Increase your network of fabulous women in business.
  • Be a member of a community of like-minded women, who understand who you are.
  • Where business activities and faith are both supported and encouraged.
  • Opportunity to find mentors, partners, friends, and leads.
  • A chance to share your wisdom and get new ideas and strategies.
  • A fun, refreshing place to be yourself!



Yearly membership is just $129, which includes these fabulous benefits (International $139):

1.  Monthly Spotlight Q&A Calls - Participate in live mastermind phone calls with other KBWA members. Once a month, members rotate turns being "in the spotlight" for the calls and have the opportunity to bring their business questions, challenges and needs to the table. If it's not your turn to be in the spotlight, you can still participate by offering ideas, resources, solutions, and wisdom to those who are that month. This is sharing our depth and richness in joint participation! 

2.  Member Page on - Have your very own, full page here at Include things like your business profile, links, photo, logo, contact info, events, share your expertise by including teaching videos and audio teaching links, and business bio. It's like having an online ad!

3.  Access to the Tele-Class Archive - Listen in and learn as business experts teach on various, must-have business skill building and personal development topics. Also, as other members add valuable teaching to their member pages, you'll learn directly from their expertise as well.

4.  Monthly, Intercessory Prayer Calls - Submit your prayer requests and join the live prayer calls, facilitated by other business women of God with the gift of intercessory prayer. Get prayer support for your business and life!

5.  Exclusive Member Discounts - From time to time, member discounts are available on KBWomen’s products, services, events, & ad rates - 10%.

6.  Share Your Events & Expertise - Members have the opportunity to have their events listed in KBWomen's BLING Newsletter and on's Events page. Also, you may even be invited to be a guest on the "KBWomen Women of Faith" radio show; a weekly, internet-based show.

7.  Be Informed First - First notification for all events and new opportunities. Also, when we survey our community for ideas and feedback, we will ask for your valuable opinion and survey you – our members.

8.  Free Newsletter - Receive our bi-weekly newsletter, called *BLING*, for Christian women in business AND special members-only notices.

FULL MEMBERSHIP Discount - $100 - through April 1, 2013! 


Personal Coaching Membership 

Yearly, Personal Coaching Membership is $499, which includes all of the above mentioned benefits, plus:

Receive personal coaching/mentoring to excellerate your advance to the next level, plus recorded teaching from experts and business/life coaches, counselors and mentors.

"3-Point Business Check" - Three, 1-hour, individual coaching sessions by experienced, Christian business coaches from the KBWA Coaching Pool. Use the same coach for all 3 sessions, or choose 3 different coaches for a variety of perspectives and expertise! It's your choice! 

Depending on your needs, use these personalized sessions to:

  1. Establish and discuss personal and/or business goals
  2. Get accountability and discuss progress
  3. Get personal ministry and spiritual heart healing
  4. Discuss technological challenges and online marketing plans
  5. Evaluate plans and results, and create next-step strategies



More questions? Visit our Membership FAQ page.

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