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KBWA Member Monthly Tele-Classes - 2010/2011/2012  - CLICK HERE to View All EVENTS

  • Are you ready to increase your business skills and knowledge?
  • Have you been waiting for the opportunity to learn from faith-based business experts?
  • Mentors, coaches and teachers can take you to the next level in life. Have you been taking advantage of that for your business?
  • Need learning opportunities that don't take you away from your family time or office?


Each month, one of the many benefits of being a KBWA Level 1 Member and above is our Member Tele-classes. Here are examples of past KBWA Member Tele-classes:


January - "Business Evolution Tips part 2" with Krista Dunk
February - "Trademarks, Patents & Product Licensing" with Connie Quinn-Vaillant
March - "Overcoming Anxiety Through Praise" with Lynnis Woods-Mullins
April - "KEYS Kingdom Economic Summit Recap" with Krista Dunk
May - "Selling from Your Site Using PayPal" with Krista Dunk
June - "Pinterest for Business" with Caron White
July - "Top 10 Bookkeeping Success Tips" with Diana Kohn
August - "The Art of Storytelling" with Debbie McLain & Jacquie Brown
September - "Proverbs for Business, Part 1" with Krista Dunk
October - "Proverbs for Business, Part 2" with Krista Dunk
November - "The Art of Living Still" with Abby Lewis
December - "The ABC's of Getting Unstuck" with Pastor Trisha Ferguson



January - "Healthy New Year - Managing Stress, Nutrition & Health" with Kathy Wright
February - "Webinars 101" with Noelle Mena
March - "Free Online Resources for Business Women"  with Krista Dunk
April - "Professional Business Image Tips"  with Toby Parsons
May  - "Blogging - the What, Why, When, Where, and How!" with Krista Dunk 
June - "How to Sell on eBay" with Chris Creekpaum 
July - "The Art of Business Communication"  with JoJo Tabares 
August - "Creating Business e-Newsletters" with Krista Dunk 
September - "Booth Success at Shows and Expos" with Chris Creekpaum 
October - "Getting Started with WordPress" with Erica Jefferson
November - "Generational Selling" with Linda Ryan & Toby Parsons
December - "Business Evolution Tips part 1" with Krista Dunk


March - "Effective Goal Setting" with Pastor Ray Frederick 
April - "When to Blog, When to Tweet & When to Facebook" with Jill Hart
May - "The Art of Delegating & Using Virtual Assistants" with Diana Ennen
June - "BlogTalkRadio Training" with Krista Dunk & Tammy Redmon
July - "Creating & Updating Business Plans" with Audrey Godwin, CPA
August - "Cross Promoting & Joint Venturing" with Kim Beasley
September - "Book Writing & Marketing Advice for Aspiring Authors" with Krista Dunk
October - "Abolishing Negative Mindsets, Negative Self-Talk & Limiting Beliefs" with Tammy Redmon
November - "Business Branding & Printed Marketing Materials" with Trisha Ferguson
December - "Developing Your Inner Leader" with Dondi Scumaci

(Subject to change if necessary) Most topics have class handouts. 

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