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Mastermind Group Leader FAQ’s

Are You Ready to Apply? If so, CLICK HERE for step 1 of the Mastermind Group Leader application process.

Read below for the answers to these frequently asked questions:

  • What do KBWomen Mastermind Group Leaders do?

  • Who would make a great KBWomen Mastermind Leader?

  • What are the requirements of a Mastermind Group Leader?

  • What are the benefits of being a Leader?

  • How will KBWomen help the Mastermind Leaders fill their groups?

  • Where would my group meet?

  • How do I become a KBWomen Mastermind Group Leader?

What do KBWomen Mastermind Group Leaders do?
Chapter Leaders have several responsibilities, but their main role is this; to establish and lead a local, monthly (90 minutes) mastermind meeting of Christian women in business. By leading the meetings, this includes things like leading discussions, arriving early to set up the check-in and seating areas, welcoming women, opening meetings in prayer, and facilitating the flow of the meetings.

Leadership tasks include other things like securing a meeting location, word-of-mouth invitations, and learning more about/advocating for the Koinonia Business Women's organization and our association.

Who would make a great KBWomen Mastermind Leader?
There is no one “perfect personality type” for chapter leadership. However, there are qualities that we are looking for in our Mastermind Chapter Leaders, including:

  • Biblically-based, spiritual wisdom and maturity

  • A welcoming personality

  • A heart for helping Christian women in business grow and succeed

  • Dedication and perseverance

  • Wide breadth of general business skills and knowledge to share

  • Feeling comfortable leading and speaking to a group

  • Traditional business ownership experience

  • Someone with an existing network of business contacts

Note to MLM/Network Marketing Business Owners: Although we believe that MLM/Network marketing is a great business model for many people and respect those in this career field (many of us have been with network marketing companies in the past), women with network marketing/MLM businesses (their only business) will not be accepted as Chapter Leaders. Here’s why – Networking marketing companies make it easy for distributors/consultants by providing product, marketing materials, accounting systems, web pages, training, forms, selling strategies, etc., which is great for those involved. However, traditional business owners wade through all of these business aspects on their own, therefore requiring lots of advice and ideas from those who have “been there, done that.” We would like to see all of our Chapter Leaders have this kind of traditional business building experience themselves to serve as a resource. We welcome women in network marketing companies/MLM to participate as members of our mastermind chapters. Thank you.

What are the requirements of a Mastermind Group Leader?
Leaders need to have strong, Biblically-based moral character, business ownership experience, and a heart for connecting with business women of faith and encouraging them to succeed. Leaders are responsible for attracting and inviting women in business to join their Mastermind Chapter. KBWomen staff will help with coaching, training materials, marketing tools, promo help, etc.

  • Leader Connect Calls – each month, we do a Leader connect call for approximately 1 hour. This could also be under the ‘benefits’ category! These calls will be used to answer questions, envision, encourage, coach, connect, and to give and get feedback.

  • Leaders have the opportunity to select their chapter’s day, meeting time (morning, mid-day or evening) and location.

  • To start a Mastermind Chapter, there is a $50 set up fee, and $15 yearly maintenance after that. As a Leader, there will also be a very minimal financial commitment for items such as printing out handouts for meetings, making phone calls (thankfully most people’s cell phone plans cover long-distance calls), printing out invitation flyers, etc.

  • At a minimum, we ask that Leaders make a 14-month commitment to lead a group. Beyond that timeframe is great too, and we would love to see Leaders continue!

What are the benefits of being a Leader?
We do not charge leaders a large fee like other organizations may. In fact, Chapter Leaders get FREE membership in the Koinonia Business Women's Association (KBWA Membership Level 2) as our thank-you for supporting the vision of our organization, and supporting your local Christian women in business. Leaders also receive 20% of all Membership income that their chapter generates.

  • Each chapter will have its own page on KBWomen.com, including the leader's picture, bio and contact info.

  • Leaders will receive more exposure in our communication channels, including being featured members in our *BLING* newsletter, photo and contact info listed on your chapter’s webpage, and having other opportunities to share their expertise and wisdom with the organization as appropriate.

  • Each Chapter Leader will receive a starter packet of information and resources, including a KBWomen bag, marketing postcards, flyers, leader guide, and other misc. forms.

  • Leaders have a special online resources section where forms can be downloaded, then emailed or printed as needed.

How will KBWomen help the Leaders fill their groups?
Marketing – Each chapter will have its own page on KBWomen.com, including the leader’s profile and contact information. Downloadable flyers and other information will be available online to leaders as marketing resources. You will receive marketing/invite postcards in your leader starter packet.

Chapter information will be listed continuously on KBWomen.com, and all new chapters will be mentioned on our blog, in our newsletter, via Twitter, on Facebook pages, and on KBWomen Radio.

KBWomen staff will commit to sending 10 churches in your area your new chapter's promo flyer, letting them know about the new Mastermind Chapter opening. KBWomen staff will also list your KBWomen Chapter meeting on AmericanTowns.com, which has a community calendar of events. However, personal invitations, word-of-mouth and business group networking will be the most effective methods of inviting people to become members. Your current/established network of business contacts plays a large factor in attracting people to your group.

Where would my group meet?
You choose the meeting location for your Mastermind Chapter/Group. Potentially good locations for KBWomen Chapter meetings include:

  • Christian coffee houses with meeting rooms

  • Quiet coffee houses that offer a large table with seating

  • Restaurant meeting/banquet rooms

  • A private business' conference room

  • Local non-profit business offices

  • Church meeting rooms

How do I become a KBWomen Mastermind Group Leader?
If you would like to open a KBWomen Mastermind Chapter in your local area, we have an application process. Start HERE for step 1 of that process. The next step is receiving our full application. Fill this out and email it back to us at questions@kbwomen.com when completed. If your application is accepted (this may take several business days), we will personally call you to discuss this further. Our goal is to set up a win-win-win situation for all involved (You, KBWomen's organization and the women who will be served). KBWomen Leaders play a vital role in our organization, and we strive to wisely select our leaders.

Are You Ready to Apply? If so, CLICK HERE for step 1 of the Chapter Leader application process.


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