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The Living Your Vision® Summer Retreat:
Your 'Someday' Has Arrived

August 16-18, 2010
Fernbrook Beach House
Olympia, WA

God gave you a set of special gifts—and the world needs them…

Do you know who you are and why you are here?

Have you ever had a vague sense that you could be living a life of passion—one with deep meaning and rich rewards, using more of the talents God blessed you with?

Maybe you do not fully know what those talents are because you have been too busy taking care of others.

Or you told yourself, "Someday I will listen to my heart and follow it."

But 'someday' keeps getting pushed back.

You have unlimited potential. But…

…if you don't know what it is, or what to do with it, or how to step into it, you cannot live the life of purpose God wants for you.

Have you ever noticed that some people with great promise don't seem to be particularly happy with their lives, while others with seemingly lesser gifts are living rich, fulfilling lives with passion?

They are the lucky ones who have figured out where their gifts and passions lie and how they can leverage them to live fuller, more rewarding lives.

We are only on this Earth for a short time. Why not make the meaningful life choices while there is still time?

Don't let your amazing potential just sit there, waiting for 'someday.' Why not grasp it, look it in the eye and figure out how to do something with it?

The Living Your Vision® 3-Day Summer Retreat is all you need to do exactly that.

Is this you?

  • Do you ever feel like you're so busy taking care of others that you have lost track of your own dreams?

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life—family, career or personal—and don't know which path to choose, or even what your choices are?

  • Are you not completely sure where your strengths and passions lie?

  • Are you bored, stuck or stagnant, with a vague feeling that your life could be more fulfilling?

  • Do you feel that your true gifts and passions are still bottled up inside you?

  • Are you 'under-living'—undervaluing your potential, or not exactly sure what God wants for your life?

  • Do you see the possible paths your life could take, but feeling confused or overwhelmed by all the choices?

  • Are you always listening to what others think you should do with your life?

  • Do you beat yourself up because you keep talking about what you will do 'someday,' but you don't have the time and resources to chart a course to get there?

You are not alone.

Millions of women go though life without realizing the joy and deep satisfaction that comes from understanding God's purpose for their lives, discovering their true essence and creating a plan that moves them to action.

If this is you, the Living Your Vision® 3-Day Summer Retreat will help you clarify your vision, get a clear sense of your life's purpose and map out the changes you need to get there.

Register here or call us at 360-790-4098. We can help!

A life-changing retreat

Women who have attended this exciting, interactive and engaging retreat have walked away with:

  • the priceless gift of knowing God's purpose for their lives

  • greater clarity in nine key life areas and the ability to put them into a balanced whole

  • more passion and self-confidence to take life-changing action

  • a network of smart, like-minded women to support them in their goals

  • greater accountability and follow-up with their own personal coach

  • a solid guide and action steps, including a Master's Plan for Living

Who the Living Your Vision® Retreat is for

This retreat is for women of all ages and success levels, who are not satisfied with their life or job and are unclear about why or what they want to change.

Women in any life situation or position including—but not limited to:

  • women who own a solo or indie business

  • women experiencing a life transition

  • women who dream of owning their own business

  • women stuck or unhappy in their jobs

  • women CEO's, leaders and managers

  • stay at home moms

Bottom-line, LYV is for ANY woman who knows that they can go much bigger in life if they just have the clarity and support to make the changes

In fewer than 3 days, in fellowship with other women and in a completely safe environment, you will discover your gifts, passions and potential and understand the purpose God has for your life.

Best of all, by the end, you will have a new sense of inner joy, that 'ah-ha' that comes from becoming clear about your vision and your very own customized Master's Plan that shows you exactly how to get to your new life.

And don't forget the great food, the fun of hearing other women's stories, the rest and relaxation—all in a lovely beach front home.

Register now.

About your facilitator

Tammy Redmon is an award-winning coach and woman of God who knows what you may be feeling—the challenges and obstacles in your life—because she was once there herself.

In her own journey, she went from what she called "broke, busted and disgusted" to the place she had always wanted to be. A place where she is happy and satisfied, each day filled with joy. Living the life she was purposed for!

Now she lives to take other women on the same adventure, so they can avoid the disappointment of not turning their potential into a purposeful, rich and rewarding life.

Tammy is a Certified Life Coach and Living Your Vision® Facilitator. Her clients love her direct, honest and sometimes playful approach. She believes in the power of humor to break down the barriers that stand in the way of change.
The 3-Day Living Your Vision Summer Retreat
August 16-18, 2010

Monday 10-5 | Tuesday 8-5 | Wednesday 8-1
The Fernbrook Beach House | Olympia, WA
What you will do:

* Take a heart-passion check on how satisfied you are in 9 areas of your life: money, health, significant relationship, family, friends, spirituality, home environment, fun/play and community service

* Learn the process of "inside out" living, looking into your heart first, instead of reacting to what is happening on the outside

* Discover the big dream of your heart and the purpose God has for your life

* Uncover the limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of living your vision

* Enjoy fellowship and build friendships unlike any you have ever experienced

* Get support to create a Master's Plan for Living, complete with your own tool for living in clarity and a step-by-step guide to activating the choices you have made

* Return to your 'real life' knowing that you have 6 weeks of follow-up support through group coaching calls with Tammy to ensure you stay on track, avoid stumbling blocks, keep moving ahead and even celebrate your accomplishments

Save your spot now.

BONUS: Sign up by midnight, August 6th and receive 4 private, personal coaching sessions with certified coach Tammy Redmon. Plus, receive a signed copy of Krista's upcoming book once it is published.

Also - Two-pay option is available: 1/2 now, 1/2 Sept. 1st.

Invest in yourself

You get all this—3 days, lodging at the beautiful Fernbrook Beach House, 5 tasty meals included, an amazingly talented Living Your Vision® facilitator (your coach and champion), follow-up coaching sessions, and time for rest, relaxation and fellowship with a small group of other cool women—for only $1697.00.

Why not invest in yourself? You are worth it!


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